The history of the Fix Music Company starts at Central Penn Computers:

Central Penn Computers – 1995-1999

I began my career at 15 years old with at a computer store in Camp Hill, PA doing computer repair and IT work.  From working here and from the people that I met, I learned business management and by chance two of my co-workers were involved in music, one a composer and conductor of orchestral arrangements and the other a recording and production engineer.  This was all the inspiration that this teenager needed and I was off and running by founding Elfinmuseik.

Elfinmuseik 1995-2008

In 1995 I founded my an audio visual music publishing and production company called Elfinmuseik (pronounced “elf-in music”) and I began working with independent artists and musicians in the in Central Pennsylvania area.  I started out recording in 1996 on a Tascam 4 track cassette tape deck and in 1998 a music software company called Sonic Foundry released the first ever loop-based digital audio workstation called Acid.  I ordered a not-for-resale version available to computer stores.  I switched all of my recording and production over to Acid and produced my first five albums in Acid: 3 demos and 2 releases with the final “Invisible Empires” as a limited edition CD in January 1999.

From 1999 to 2003 I was accepted as beta tester for Sonic Foundry and helped work on the Acid/Acid Pro program.  In 2003 Sony Music Studios acquired Sonic Foundry and the development and testing teams were scuttled.  Today I still use Acid Pro 7.0e for beat work before exporting to Studio One or Pro Tools.

During the Elfinmuseik years I was one of the first to offer homemade compact disc sales direct to consumer.  By working for the computer store I was able to purchase a Phillips CD burners in 1998 and began manufacturing and releasing CDs in August.  Those CDs were of the highest quality phthalocyanine gold color, and have a shelf life of over 200 years.  In total, less than 500 of these CDs were ever released by Elfinmuseik, and some are so rare even I don’t have any copies!

This time period was very prolific as I created over 1500 unique tracks, beats, and numerous albums.  I was invited as a VIP at the 2006 Latin Music Grammy Awards at the 40/40 Club in New York City, and I also began to help international musicians from Japan, South Korea, and Europe with housing and promotional assistance for gigs here in the Northeast.

The John Harris Group 2006 – 2016

In 2006 I was honored to be accepted as an intern for The John Harris Group.  John has decades of experience as a talent buyer, promoter, manager, and in production including the legendary 1980s concert series on City Island in Harrisburg, PA featuring the Grateful Dead, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Huey Lewis & the News, Billy Idol, Wang Chung, The Cars, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Kix, and more.

The Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA and the Singer Songwriter Cape May in NJ are the premier music business and showcases in the northeast. MMC features 300 acts and artists at 30 venues in Harrisburg, PA and SS Cape May features 150 acts and artists at 15 venues in Cape May, NJ.

I began doing flyers, artwork, and web design for MMC10 in 2006, and was promoted to Art Designer and IT Director in 2008.  With John’s vision I helped found the Singer Songwriter Cape May and created it’s memorable logo.  From 2008 to 2014 I was responsible for the design, management, and security of both websites.  I created all of print materials including the conference directories, posters, handouts, flyers, letterhead, marketing offerings, and the compilation CDs for both MMC and SS Cape May up until 2014.  Today I continue to offer technical support and assistance as a consultant and expert.

There’s nothing that I find more fun than to help envision an event and to put in the work to bring it together.  From learning and working with John Harris I’ve learned first hand what it takes to put an event together from stadiums to your local bookstore.

The Fix Music Company 2009 – Present

In 2009 I founded the Fix Music Company to consolidate all of my artistic adventures under one group and to continue to provide my independent consulting, production, and marketing wizardy to both artists and industry. Through the Fix Music Company I offer:

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