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Blocktronics B-SIDES 12-24-17

The ANSI and textmode masters at Blocktronics released a surprise small scale pack on Christmas Eve 2017 as an homage to our favorite CD and album artwork (ansi above by filth).  Including this piece by your truely, acid phix: Enjoy the entire pack here

AMiSH 0717 ANSI Art

The AMiSH have landed! I’m proud to present the ANSI Masters in Straw Hats inaugural art pack. This is a side project from five long-time art scene vets who all grew up in Pennsylvania. It’s been a long time coming, years really, but all of the artwork in this pack was created within the last […]

Edwin Tichenor – 2007 Mechanicsburg Sessions

Edwin Tichenor The Mechanicsburg Sessions, Recorded January 11th, 2007 1 – “Stone” – written and performed by Edwin Tichenor 2 – “Hopefully” – written and performed by Edwin Tichenor 3 – “Finish Line” – written and performed by Edwin Tichenor Recorded and produced by Trevor Pontz, the Fix Music Company. Producers notes: “One of the […]

Blocktronics for Doctors without Borders

Blocktronics for Doctors without Borders Made in the USA, Gildan brand t-shirts. Blocktronics ANSI logo by Luciano, 2017 100% of profit from the sale of these t-shirts will go to Doctors Without Borders. is an international network of over 70 digital textmode artists from 12 countries that create digital retro ANSI art. ANSI art […]

K-SEA Releases Debut Album

K-SEA tracking “Lost at C” at the Fix Music Company, Estero Island, FL April 20, 2017 – K-SEA releases his debut album “Lost at C” produced by Trevor Pontz and recorded at the Fix Music Company’s island studio on Fort Myers Beach from October 2016 to March 2017.  “Lost at C” features Kris West, aka […]