Marketing and Promotional Design

Over a decade of experience in graphic design for promotion and marketing use.  This is my portfolio of original posters, flyers, graphics for everything from the local coffee shop to the stadium main stage, and even politics. Contact me for more interest in graphic design and promotional services.

Experienced Website Design and Development

Over 20 years of professional website design and development.  I have been on the internet since before the World Wide Web, in the late 80s where dial up was king and you needed an university account to access the early internet.  My first commercial website was done in 1998 and I have continued to develop and maintain long term relationships with many of my original clients twenty years ago.

My clients have included, but are not limited to:
The City of Harrisburg, PA, the John Harris Group, Millennium Music Conference, Singer Songwriter Cape May, Central Penn Computers, Rehab and Pain Management Services, John Abe Hall of Fame Soccer Player, Neil Clifford for State House (PA), Buy Harrisburg Homes, Gullifty’s Restaurant, Tubby’s Night Club, and my own sites through The Fix Music Company.

Contact me for more interest in growing your online presence.

Google AdWord Expert and Social Networking

$700/per conversion and $38,000 a year may seem like a lot for a 5.71% CTR, expect when the client makes $5000 each on that 19% conversion rate so that’s $3,500,000 revenue on a $38,602 advertising investment.  This is WHY our clients stay with The Fix Music Company for decades.

I can teach you how to get the best results for your advertising dollars with the top search engine in the industry.  It includes Search Engine Optimization, knowing how to interpret your hosting logs, and translating that into more conversions for your business is the key to generating business with Google.  Social Networks, while useful, are better suited to individual event promotion as a small part in a larger portfolio of a direct marketing strategy.

Consulting for both Artist and Industry

Want to improve your social media reach with real connections and not automated bots?  Need a new plan to get more reach for your next live show?  Need a total overhaul from the top down on your revenue streams?  Need connections to put your group in the right studio that fits your needs and aesthetics?  We do all this and more.  Each project, each dream, every idea, is individual, and has it’s own obstacles.  We can help you with an outside, fresh prospective with what you’re doing and offer opinions and ideas to help inspire you to reach beyond your goals.  If you take our advise or not I guarantee you that it will open you up to new possibilities and options.

Contact me if your reaching for more.

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